Our approach

Comprehensive, integrated support services

There’s no room for improvisation when you’re hunting for a specific profile. That’s why Magellan provides a full range of innovative and comprehensive support services backed by a wealth of expertise.

At Magellan, we go beyond typical recruitment methods to provide a truly comprehensive solution. We do more than help you find the right candidate—we also make sure you get the advice and support you need throughout the recruitment process, from first contact through to employee integration.

Our mission

A single goal: finding the perfect match

Magellan—partner in your success. Every day, our specialists put their expertise and contact networks to work to help meet your needs. There are no half measures, no “almost” matches. Because we won’t settle for anything less than THE right profile, the ideal match that makes a difference for you and your business.

A commitment that goes further

At Magellan, we’re passionate about what we do. We listen closely to your needs and go out of our way to provide quality service and a recruitment process that’s transparent from end to end. But our vision doesn’t stop there. We also work with you to develop talent, helping you identify and nurture the potential of the people who grow your business each and every day.